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Admission to "Casa di Cura Le Betulle" in Appiano Gentile near is recommended for all cases characterised by a clinical profile that necessitates careful monitoring and specialist medical examinations and care.

During a preparatory outpatient interview, the patient's medical history is assessed and their mental and physical conditions are examined by a psychiatrist and medical specialist. All patients at the clinic are accommodated in a private bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, balcony, television and telephone.


If provided, pharmacotherapy treatments are prescribed and constantly monitored by specialist psychiatrists in order to ensure the most effective therapeutic benefit.


During the initial phase of admission, the medical team assesses the patient's cardiac, respiratory and liver function, with the aid of blood tests and instrumental exams. If necessary, CT and / or MRI scans of the brain can be effected to check for any brain damage.

During the second phase of admission, once the patient's clinical profile has been established, the psychodiagnostic phase begins. An accurate patient history is recorded and then the appropriate psycho-diagnostic tests are effected (most commonly: SCID-I, SCID-II, MMPI, YSQ, Rorschach Test, SWAP 200).


Every day, patients take part in therapy sessions and group therapy with a cognitive orientation (DBT and Mindfulness), as well as psychodynamic activities designed to increase patient awareness of their problems and motivate self-care. 


Only with the patient's consent do staff meet family members and people who are important to the patient in order help to understand their suffering and discomfort and direct them to provide more support during the course of their treatment. 


For the duration of their stay at the clinic, patients participate in group activities and are helped to occupy their time with sports, creative workshops and recreational activities. If necessary, a personal assistant can be provided.


When the inpatient treatment has been completed, the team informs the patient of the results of their clinical tests and gives suggestions regarding possible continuations of the treatment started in the clinic.