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The Day Clinic was established following years of clinical experience, to offer a range of services to those who feel the need to work in and with a group in order to improve their quality of life.

Often people may need a personalized support system to help them confront their daily life in a moment of particular difficulty, or at the conclusion of a residential treatment program.


The team of the Day Clinic includes a psychiatrist, four psychiatric rehabilitation therapists and two psychologists with highly specific training.


Working to the indications of referring specialists, the La Ginestra Day Clinic offers socio-rehabilitation and expressive, socio-therapeutic activities to promote the acquisition of levels of autonomy, social integration, and professional training and development. 

The activities organized by the Day Clinic include leisure management groups, art therapy workshops (dance, theatre and painting), group psychotherapy, groups for employment, assistance with schooling, Mindfulness groups, cognitive-behavioural groups and sport activities.  


The purpose and specificity of each therapeutic program is to formulate a project that identifies and accepts the real needs of the person pursuing the therapeutic rehabilitation programme and meets the goals agreed on with the team and referring specialists.


The Day Clinic is open to persons of both sexes aged between 18 and 65 years.

Before anyone is included into a programme, they undergo a clinical interview with the head and spend two trial days at the Day Clinic.


The Day Clinic Therapeutic Centre offers an emergency service, which includes a home visit and a psychiatric home care rehabilitative intervention. 

Both of these types of therapeutic intervention can be realised in 24-48 hours.


This welcoming and friendly location offers guests an ideal place to spend their days, have lunch (organic catering) or participate in individual activities or workshops.