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Psychological problems may become manifest in various ways, and those affected often wait a long time before seeking help from competent care providers as they are afraid to go out on their own or are ashamed of their symptoms, which are still seen in today's society – if erroneously – as a sign of weakness.


Coordinated by Dr. Bertolli and Dr. Ravera, our team of world class experts includes highly skilled physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists. The team offers patients the possibility of scheduling their first visit at either the centre's consulting rooms in Milan or the main clinic in Appiano Gentile, where they will receive indications as to the best course of treatment to alleviate their discomfort.


The long-standing experience of our group in the fields of drug addiction and personality disorders guarantees only the best in therapeutic treatments aimed at both detoxification and long-term care specific to these problems.


The first requirement for a successful treatment plan lies in the correct identification of the cause of the patient's affliction. In clinical terms, this requires both a physician and psychologist's full commitment to the identification of all elements characterizing the person's distress in order to find the causes and formulate an accurate diagnosis.

This fundamental process relies on the thorough training of each member of the team in the field of psycho- and clinical diagnosis, and even more so on their ability to listen attentively to both the patient and the professional involved in the daily implementation of their treatment during daily team meetings.


The diagnostic phase may take place through preliminary talks and the administration of specific tests in the outpatient setting, or as part of an admission to the inpatient clinic at the Casa di Cura Le Betulle should in depth tests or a more controlled environment that ensures peace of mind and around the clock support be required.


The diagnostic phase also includes a full medical assessment aimed at identifying any physical issues that may be exacerbated by specific pathologies, such as drug addiction, or to exclude symptoms that may appear to be psychological do not conceal a physical disease. This medical assessment is therefore essential in the formulation of a diagnosis that differentiates between organic and psychogenic problems (a typical example is thyroiditis versus anxiety crises).

Our group is able to provide an accurate diagnosis for many different mental disorders and is highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders, addiction and dual diagnosis.