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Certain psychiatric diseases are characterized by sudden and severe manifestations. In these cases, patients often appear to be withdrawn, confrontational or persecutory, refute therapy or are unable to assess the appropriateness of a specialist outpatient visit.


Clinical situations like those described above cause the patient and family intense distress, concern for the progressive worsening of symptoms and ambivalence regarding the necessity of a visit to an emergency medical facility.


Our group offers an Emergency Service that is able to arrange specialist home visits within 24/48 hours, offering a valuable opportunity for therapeutic intervention.


Neglected or acute psychological distress can lead to a degree of suffering that warrants hospitalization at a competent facility.


In urgent situations, the Ginestra Group ensures the admission process is effected as quickly and easily as possible. All you have to do is schedule a preliminary visit by calling:



After the first visit, if required admission can be carried out immediately.


Our group operates two departments at the Casa di Cura Le Betulle clinic:


- The first department is dedicated to the treatment of psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders and psychosis, which, in the acute phase, need to be carefully assessed and treated on an inpatient basis in order to give patients enough time to rest, feel protected, go off their medication if necessary, and undergo all necessary medical tests;


- The second department is devoted to drug addiction, where we guarantee the maximum confidentiality and full support during the process of detoxification from drugs and alcohol;


Continuative Support / Home Care facilitated by a specialised Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapist is also available within 48 hours.